How Dirty is my Cell Phone?

Pretty dirty. Well, even more than that, it’s full of bacteria. Over 7000 types of bacteria to be exact. Some of the bacteria is pretty harmless stuff, but add it together and it’s just a haven for bacteria all in one small place. In many cases it’s worse than a door knob or even a toilet seat!

Let’s say you wash your hands, 6-10 times a day on average, (showers count), but you don’t clean your phone. Every time you touch your phone you are take the lovely bath of bacteria and adding it back to your nice clean hands. Not the direction you want head.

Sven Can See has created an anti-bacterial lens cleaner, that while it was originally designed for eye wear, is ideal for your smartphone or tablet. It has no odor and no isopropyl alcohol. It’s a food grade cleaner that is safe to use on everything, including sunglasses, ski goggles, your computer monitor, your keyboard, your cell phone and your tablet.

So, the next time you touch your phone, think about the last time you cleaned it, then grab a bottle of Sven Can See Lens Cleaner and give your phone or tablet a nice cleaning up.