Lets Play Hockey 2016 Expo!

When you’re on the ice you need to be focused. The game develops quickly and you need to be able to take in everything around you to know what needs to get done. When you can’t see, you’re not only hurting yourself, you’re hurting your team by not being the best player that you can be. If you want the vision and freedom a shield or hybrid cage provides you need to have an answer for the fog. Sven Can See is the premier anti-fog for hockey players. It’s designed to work in extreme conditions where other anti-fog solutions fail. The cold of the rink and the high amount of body heat you generate playing hockey causes shields to fog easily. It’s a common problem, especially when play slows down and airflow is reduced. These conditions are exactly what Sven Can See is designed to work in. We’ve stress tested it in conditions as low as -40⁰F, and it still performed. Where other anti-fogs quit, Sven Can See keeps working.
Don’t just take it from us, hockey players have been singing the praises of Sven Can See. For instance, Sven Can See user Mike P wrote, “Great results used on hockey visor! This is by far the best anti-fog spray that I have ever used. I have gone through the frustrations of using every over the counter sprays that have been sold at hockey stores. No other anti-fog spray that I have experienced with in my thirty years of playing hockey has come close to this product. Very happy with the positive results and I will continue to use this outstanding product you have produced. Thank you!”
If you’re a hockey player you owe it to yourself to use Sven Can See. Don’t let fog get in the way of you and your game. If you’re in the St. Paul area come see for yourself. Sven Can See will be at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo March 5th and 6th we’ll be able to answer any of your questions.