Run! Swim! Bike!

A triathlon is one of the most challenging athletic competitions there is. To complete a triathlon you need to be performing at your peak. This means hard work and dedication, hours spent in the water, out on your bike, and out running long distances. It takes an amount of determination, dedication, and endurance that only a select few manage to tap into. So when all that hard work is interrupted by fog, it’s an intensely frustrating moment.
All the hard work and training leading up to a race, only to be thwarted by condensation. It’s not something that any triathlete enjoys, to be sure. Listen to what one triathlete had to say about Sven Can See:
My goggles fogged up in every training swim prior to me discovering Sven Can See. Resolving this issue with such an ‘easy-to-use’ product spared me this frustration for ever more. I trained more efficiently and on race day I posted a personal best in the swim!
Positive energy flowed and I had the foundation in place to finish the race.
I’ll finish by repeating what I said at the beginning. The ‘Sven Can See’ product made a massive difference in helping me to train for, and successfully complete, my first 70.3 Ironman. There is no doubt that it was critically important for me.
Sven Can See can be a difference maker for you this triathlon season. If you’ve ever dealt with fog while training or in a race, the answer is Sven Can See.