“Sven Can See ® lands Sponsorship with Ironman Winning Triathlete Rob Gray”

Boston, MA – [06/17/2016]—
Sven Can See®, the brand new multi-functional gel that completely prevents fogging and frosting on eyewear, announced today a new athletic sponsorship with recent Ultraman Florida winning triathlete and coach Rob Gray.

Gray is a long-distance triathlon athlete, with 11 Ironman races under his belt as well as four Kona qualifications over the last four years. He is the winner of Ultraman Florida 2016 and will be competing in the Ultraman World Championship in November.

When asked about his new sponsorship, Gray replied:

“The Ultraman starts with a 10km swim, and the last thing you want is for your goggles to fog up. I’ve been looking for a dependable anti-fog solution, and I was very happy to discover Sven Can See®. I also use it on my sunglasses and helmet visor to prevent fogging while on the bike. As a 4-season product, I can use it on my ski goggles while I’m out enjoying the Colorado winters. I love that it’s robust, reliable, and I can use it all year round.”

Sven Can See® was launched at Outdoor Retailer 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The product was born out of frustration when Scott Newman, founder of Sven Can See® and avid winter hiker, was tired of foggy, frosted, unsafe eyewear and set out to find a solution. Today Sven Can See® can be used in the extreme cold or in the hot, humid sun both in and out of the water.

Here’s why Sven Can See® is so special:

Key Attributes:

1. One application of Sven Can See® lasts all day

2. Efficient to (-20°F)

3. Non- flammable

4. Odor free

5. Safe to use on Anti- Reflective lenses

6. No Isopropyl or Ethyl Alcohol


1. One application of Sven Can See® works in normal temperatures, humid areas and extreme cold temperatures. It has been tested successfully in the Canadian Arctic in temperatures as low as –20 ⁰F

2. Sven Can See® works on all kinds of polycarbonate lenses, including ski goggles, sunglasses, ballistic lenses, scuba goggles, skydiving goggles, and hockey shields.

3. Sven Can See® is designed for a clear and easy application. Less is more. Just a little will do. It is 98% water, there is no waxy buildup on your lens.

About Sven Can See®

Sven Can See® was created by an outdoor enthusiast because he knew there was no other product out there that protected well enough from frost and fog. Simply apply the solution to your lens and enjoy the views and safety Sven Can See® provides. Visit us at svencansee.com.