"Sven Can See Adopts a New Ambassador, Modern Pentathlete; Samantha Achterberg

Sven Can See, New Ambassador!

We are welcoming Sam Achterberg to Team Sven Can See! When asked about how she feels being on the Sven Can See® team, Achterberg replied:

“Sven Can See anti-fog spray gel has come in huge for all of my training needs! Between swimming, running, shooting, horseback riding there is often or always a need for sunglasses or goggles in any kind of conditions. Making sure that I can see and do not have fog getting in the way of my training and competing is huge and very important to me. I also love how travel friendly the pen-like applicator is and the ability to spray the gel, wipe, and I am good to go with out any fog or worry of loosing sight for all my events in any season! The gel solution is safe with no alcohol, odor, or fumes and is also good for any lens type which makes the product even better and one that I trust using! As a 2016 Olympic alternate and 2020 Olympic hopeful in the sport of Modern Pentathlon as well as an avid outdoor person in Colorado I am very excited to be an athlete ambassador for Sven Can See!”