Application Instructions

Applying Sven Can See® products is simple! We designed these products with convenience in mind. When embarking on your next great adventure or heading to work, there are several steps to take. So, we made Sven Can See® an easy one:

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*For best results, please apply Sven Can See® at room temperature

Sven Can See® Gel and Spray

Step 1:
Clean lens with a lens wipe, soft cloth, or other method to clear it of debris, dirt, and other streaks. Be sure to dry lens thoroughly before applying Sven Can See® to your lens.

Step 2:
Apply one, small drop or a single pump of Sven Can See® to lens.

Step 3:
Using finger, rub Sven Can See® gel solution onto lens on both sides (Note: one drop or single pump coats both sides of both lenses)

Step 4:
Wait 10 minutes for product to take effect, then buff the lenses, making sure to clean away any smudges, before going outdoors. (Note: the colder the temperature, the longer the product should sit)

Step 5:
Step outside and enjoy crystal clear sight with The Safest Way To See®!

Sven Can See® Lens Cleaner

Step 1:
Spray lens with lens cleaner.

Step 2:
Wipe Sven Can See® Lens Cleaner onto lenses until clear.

Sven Can See® Application Instructions Video

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