Become a Dealer

We are glad you are interested in selling Sven Can See® to your outdoor enthusiasts! Before moving forward, please review the information below to see if you'll be a good fit to sell Sven Can See®. Requirements for new dealers
  • Sven Can See® is sold at MSRP.
  • Be an established retail business with a reseller certificate that can be provided to us.
  • Be established in the outdoor equipment market, or explain how Sven Can See® would fit in with your current business' products.
  • Require a minimum of 20 units for first order.
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What comes in a dealer package?
  • 20 Bottles of Sven Can See®
  • Choice of POP display (pre assembled, 2 options)
  • 20 Application cards
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FAQ for dealers

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  • Each new dealer package includes 20 bottles of Sven Can See®
  • The Dealer POP display is available in 2 styles to fit any retail space.
  • The stand up POP display presents Sven Can See bottles neatly and easy to grab.

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For more information and any other inquiries contact us by phone at 1-781-885-3548 or click here to use our email form.


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