Everybody has a story. Every outdoor enthusiast has gone on an amazing, or a not so amazing, trip. When in the field at work, you go home with a story. Every SCUBA diver or skydiver has a story to tell.

When you bring Sven with you on your trip or to your job, we want to hear about it.

Did Sven help you see something you never noticed before? Did you avoid a headache because you got to keep sunglasses on the whole time? Was Sven not cooperating?

We've told you our story. Now we want to hear yours.

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Stories from Sven's Friends Sven the Mountain Climber

  • Story By: Aaron

    I just want to express to you how much my community appreciates your anti fog, it works, simple as that! I have been carrying Sven for over a year now and keep it right by the cash register - it practically sells itself. Fogging is such a major problem during Airsoft Wargames and I have never had a product work so well. Our Utah Airsoft Community loves it, My players love it, & I love it and I am reordering 50 at a clip now. P.S. I use it on my snowboarding goggles too.
  • Story By: Val

    It did not work for me at all. After following all instructions of cleaning, etc, maximum what I was getting without mask fogging is one dive. So, after a few days of struggle, I switched to baby shampoo and was quite happy after that. I could not recommend this product. It is too expensive, require a lot of work and did not work to me.
  • Story By: Bill

    Tried Sven Can Ski Anti-Fog/Anti-frost Gel spray for the first time this winter (saw an ad for this product in the Seattle Times a few months ago). We spend 4 months each winter in the Colorado Rockies. Temperatures are often in the minus digits, and keeping our ski goggles clear has been a challenge. This product works great ! The secret is to apply as directed on a clean dry lens, let dry for at least 10 minutes, then polish lens with a soft cloth.
  • Story By: Billy

    I bought Sven for my wife. She is blind in one eye and has to wear glasses to protect her good eye. It has been a blessing for her after the first application it has worked perfectly. No more walking in the house and her glasses fogging up. She loves it!
  • Story By: Chris

    Wanted to let you know how pleased I was to see your product work on one of my youth hockey players. I've been coaching youth hockey for a few years, and for the players that need to wear goggles when the skate, almost every single one of them has an issue with their glasses fogging up during a practice or game. When one of my players arrived to a rink with new goggles, I had your product in my bag and applied it while inside a cold hockey rink. I know that you're supposed to put the product on it room temperature, but her glasses were already fogging up. Thankfully, the product worked flawlessly and her glasses were clear the entire game. Her parents were amazed because they had used other products before and nothing ever seemed to work. Awesome product and I will be a Sven customer for life! -Chris Mader Youth Hockey Coach, Northern Cyclones Hudson, NH

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