For Safety Sake

Here in Boston, they say that if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes it’s bound to change.

If you’ve been to the Northeast or live up this way you know that this is true.  As I am writing this posting it’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s the 13th of December.  We should have seen at least 6” of snow by now.  Nothing.  But, last year was kind of a similar situation and look how that turned out.  110” in 6 weeks.  Not good.

For folks that work outdoors, the weather plays an important factor in the safety precautions they need to take.  Hot, cold, wet, dry, humid, dry, snowing, raining, icy, …all of these conditions pose their own particular issues, not the least of which is fogging eye wear.  A cold dry day – fogging eye wear.  A warm wet day – fogging eye wear.  A snowy, icy day – fogging eye wear.

Workers of all trades are required to wear safety glasses, and fogging wreaks havoc on their safety.  Steel Workers, Glazers, Emergency Medical Technicians…the list goes on and on.

Our slogan at Sven Can See is “The Safest Way to See”, and we truly believe that to be true.  Sven Can See has been tried and tested in a multitude of different conditions and it works.  And, if you are one of those folks that we rely on to build our bridges, make sure our elevators and escalators are safe, build our buildings and fix our roads, and keep our country safe and strong, first, we thank you for your service, and we believe that Sven Can See will make your job safer.

Sven Can See is the single best solution to combat and prevent fogging and frosting on your eye wear.