Outdoor Retailer 2016 – 8 Days and Counting

In just eight days, thousands of outdoor gear junkies will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for the annual Winter Market, the showcase for all things outdoor gear and equipment related.  This is going to be year two for Sven Can See and frankly I can’t wait.

I love good gear!  Here’s the thing, if you’re a gear nut, like most of us that love the outdoors are, then being at OR is like having an insider’s look into all that is new and cool.  In the main hall you have all the big guys, like MSR and my favorite, Sea to Summit, but if you are looking for the interesting and unique, you need to check out the Ballroom, that’s where you’ll find every accessory you can think of, and Sven Can See.   Last year I was introduced to a backpack that had a pocket that was on an articulating arm that came out in front of you so that you could get to your smaller stuff, then you just swung it back behind you and it latched back into place.

They count the days with the All Mountain Demo as Day 0, and that is by far my favorite day of the event.  Think of it, top of a mountain, 20 or so vendors and 4000 people, all there for two things, enjoy the day, and trying out the best new gear on the market.  Sven Can See will be right there on the front lines of this show.

But, what I really love about OR is the people.  I’ve never been to a tradeshow where so many people were just plain happy to be there.  It’s like they pump happiness into the air vents.

So, stay tuned for daily “happy” updates from the OR 2016 Winter Market.