Spring in December

It’s just not right.  I mean seriously, come on.  I live in New England for a reason, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.   Folks in the know, say it’s all due to global warming and that the seasonal changes we were used to, even just ten years ago, are all in the past; what we have now is the new norm.

Spring starting in June, not March, Summer starting around mid-July and going out to the end of September (although the days are too short to enjoy them), and Winter coming in around the third week of January and lasting for 4 weeks or 4 months.  Fall, well that one is just a complete guess.  If we get a heavy rainstorm in late September, away goes all the beautiful colored leaves, and bye bye Fall.

I know that I’m supposed to just roll with the changes, but I like the outdoors and frankly this whole global warming thing is getting in the way.  I like boating in the summer, waking up on the hook on a back river drinking my coffee.  I like packing up my big pack for my long winter hike in Northern Maine, 30 below and loving every second of it.  And, I truly love Fall in New England, when the leaves peak in the beautiful array of colors that only Mother Nature can deliver.  As the creator of Sven Can See, I truly hope this product can bring you joy as you venture outdoors in our new norm.