Tablets in Every Classroom. But is it Safe?

Let’s start be determining in this case, what “safe” means.  We are not talking about whether it’s safe for a student to search the Internet, that’s a whole other topic for a different day.  Here in this case, we are talking about safe as in, germs being passed from one student to another, or even worse, the residue for alcohol wipes being ingested into their body.

It will take all of 2 minutes to find 100 articles on why alcohol wipes are bad for young people.   Most recently a Massachusetts school received a “letter of warning” from an inspector with the MA state’s Department of Agricultural Resources, telling the Lynnfield school to “cease and desist” having students use products in containers that list the warning KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Now, it’s fair to say the tablets are pretty common place in the K12 classroom, many of which have a tablet for each student.  And, if you have a tablet at home or on the job, it’s fair to say that you can attest to this…they get really dirty, sometime even sticky.

Sven Can See has a cleaner that is ideal for this situation.  Our Lens Cleaner is food grade, which makes it safe to use at home and at school, yet it also safely cleans off all of the dirt, grime, and germs that are on the surface of these units.  So, the next time you take out your tablet to search for the local restaurant menu, or your son or daughter needs to do their homework, take a quick glance and the screen and know that Sven Can See has the single best solution to keep you and your family safe.