Sink or Swim

I love swimming. I find it extremely relaxing, not just because my cell phone doesn’t follow me into the pool, but because for me it’s a form of meditation. Well, yesterday morning I hopped into the swimming pool and realized I forgot to apply Sven Can See to my swim goggles. A major oversight seeing that I created the stuff. I’ve gotten so spoiled. I used to be that guy, the one that couldn’t quite see the end of the swim lane and would either whack my head on the wall or my arm would come out of the water and catch the wall either too late or stretch too early.

I get a lot of questions and comments from the swimming community regarding Sven Can See. Why not just spit into your goggles, or use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, or use toothpaste? Well, for me, none of these solutions have worked as consistently as Sven Can See. Yes, you need to apply Sven Can See each and every time you go in the water. And, yes, for some folks that might seem like a real hassle. But, for the majority of the folks that like to swim on a regular basis, this product is amazing.

Remember, Sven Can See, not just for the safety it brings to your swimming experience, but for the true enjoyment seeing brings to your moment of relaxation and meditation. And, if nothing else, you won’t look ridiculous like the person next to you that just nailed the wall with their head.