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Sven Can See® is above all else, a safety product. Compromised vision is a hazard: on the job, outdoors on a hike, or under water. Clean lenses and clear lenses make seeing easy. What do we mean when we say Sven Can See® is The Safest Way To See®? We mean that you have two options: taking off debris and UV protection in order to see or keeping lenses on at all times. Clearly, keeping eyewear protection on is safer. However, when fog is involved, you rarely have a choice and are forced to take them off. Sven Can See® ensures you can keep those lenses on for safety.

Sven Can See® was created out of necessity on a cold weather hike in Northern Maine. While on one of many hiking adventures through the backcountry of Northern Maine's 100 Mile Wilderness, our founder ran into a fellow AMC member. It seemed they were both suffering from the same old problem of having to choose between taking off UV and debris protection eyewear or suffer through not being able to see through fog and frost. Our outdoor enthusiast decided not to choose either option. He decided to create a product that would actually prevent frost and freezing from ever happening.

The concept for Sven Can See® was born. After a year of developing and testing a product that would never let a cold weather enthusiast down, Sven Can See® had its debut at the Outdoor Winter Retailer Market 2015. After hearing back from those retailers and our testers, we realized Sven Can See® had a larger market: anyone whose safety was compromised on the job or during hobbies.

After further testing and bottle changes, we took Sven Can See® to Kickstarter in order to manufacture Sven Can See® on a larger scale. A new bottle was designed, a lens cleaner was created, and Sven Can See® was successful in a wide range of temperatures. Extreme heat and extreme cold were not a problem for this fog prevention product. Normal temperature changes were not a problem and Sven Can See® easily prevented hazardous conditions caused by fog and frost on lenses.

The company's target market has grown from a niche market of outdoor enthusiasts to include anyone from SCUBA divers to military personnel to the scientist in the lab. Our company focuses on safety and making everyday activities safer. Our products are backed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee because if it doesn't work, then someone's safety was at risk and we need to fix that. We are confident in Sven Can See® and will only strive to be better each year.

You might still be wondering who Sven is. Sven was a bedtime story told by our founder to his daughter when she was younger. Sven and Chuck The Goat climb mountains and would need to prepare for cold weather hikes. Sven would often run into the same problem that many outdoor enthusiasts encounter: frosted goggles. If Sven Can See®, his hiking trips would be safer with a lot less compromising between seeing and risking eye safety.

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