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You have questions. We have answers! Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see your question here, feel free to Contact Us!

  • Q: What type of eyewear can this be used on?

    A: Sven Can See® is safe for use on all lens types, including Anti-Reflective Lens and Prescription Lenses.

  • Q: How long does it last?

    A: Sven Can See® has been tested to last a minimum of 8 hours. One application should last all day.

  • Q: How many pairs of glasses can a bottle cover?

    A: The 0.27oz/8mL Sven Can See® Spray Bottle contains approximately 40 applications (i.e. each bottle covers approximately 40 pairs of glasses).

  • Q: Can I use Sven Can See® on prescription lenses?

    A: Sven Can See® is designed to work on all lens types, including prescription lenses; however, if you are concerned about a possible reaction, please speak with your eyewear prescriber before use.

  • Q: What temperature range does it work for?

    A: Sven Can See® was originally designed for cold weather use (ideal temperatures -20°F to 20°F/-28°C to -6°C). However, after further testing, Sven Can See® has been successful for normal and high heat temperature ranges as well. So, this product truly is for everyone.

  • Q: Is the frost prevention effect instant?

    A: When used for the most extreme temperatures, like -20°F, Sven Can See® needs to be left on the lens for 5-10 minutes before exposure.

  • Q: Is it better to apply the product indoors or outdoors?

    A: It is better to apply the product indoors in a clean, dry environment.

  • Q: Is the product a liquid, a spray or a gel?

    A: : Sven Can See® Gel and Spray is a gel substance. The original bottle is a small squeeze bottle with a convenient flip-lid that can be used with gloves on. The spray gel comes in a pen-like applicator with a more liquid consistency.

  • Q: Does the material have an odor?

    A: The product has little to no odor.

  • Q: Do I need to clean the lenses first?

    A: It is always ideal to clean your eyewear before applying Sven Can See®. Make sure the lenses are completely dry before applying the product. A great lens cleaning product would be Sven Can See® Lens Cleaner!

  • Q: Do you need to clean off the old product before reapplying new product to the lens?

    A: Ideally, yes. If you can clean and dry the lenses it is best to do so before applying a new layer of product.

  • Q: Is it safe for my child to use?

    A: We recommend that this product be used for children over 6 years of age.

  • Q: Who is Sven?

    A: Sven is a cold weather hiker. Read his story on our About The Company page!

  • Q: Does the product expire?

    A: The product is best used within 2 years of purchase.

  • Q: Can I use it on tinted glasses and goggles?

    A: Yes, Sven Can See can be used on non-prescription, tinted glasses or goggles. The tinted lens should not be scratched or peeling.