Humid Florida Theme Park vs Sven Can See

I just returned from a short visit down to Florida, where I spent the holidays with my family, and like the rest of the masses, we took in a popular theme park. I’ll give you a hint…new park, designed from a popular book series, with dragons and other cool stuff.
Anyway, we took a short break from all of the excitement and had a quick bite to eat. So, to keep my new Wiley X sunglasses safe, I stowed them in their case in my backpack. On our way back out into the elements I put my sunglasses back on, and whoosh came the fog. But, unlike other unsuspecting park folks, I have the power to combat that feisty fog. So, I wiped my sunglasses dry, took out my little spray gel of Sven Can See, did the proper application, and the rest of the day…fog free!
What makes the theme parks so unique is the constant and consistent temperature changes. Every building is cool while the outside temperatures are generally warm and humid. So if you plan to take in the Florida theme parks this year, might I suggest you take Sven Can See along on the trip. It’s simple to use, easy to apply and TSA compliant.