Stop the Bleeding

Let’s paint the scene. An ambulance pulls up the emergency room with a critical accident victim inside. The backdoors push open and in a swirl and a rush the EMT that is keeping the blood from pouring out of the victim, climbs down out of the truck keeping pressure on the wound. As the automatic doors of the emergency room slide open, and the gurney is rushed into the building to the nearest critical bay, the safety glasses on that EMT, the one that’s holding it all together, turns to a layer of white fog.
While it might seem like a scene from a movie or television show, this is in fact a reality for Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders and safety glasses along with latex gloves top the list of most important articles needed to stay safe. But, while safety glasses might very well seem like a logical piece of required gear, what you might not realize is that they are often put off to the side because the fogging issue makes the job almost impossible to do.
And, while the key component here is the brave and knowledgeable EMT, maybe Sven Can See can assist in helping to save a life, or at a minimum keep those folks that are out there on the front lines safer in the process.