I Can Fly

More like fall with style. Skydiving is the sport where one gets into a plane, flies up to roughly 10,000 feet, and jumps out. I’d thought about it before I had a daughter and then realized that while I might truly enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with this type of sport, I’d probably do best if I kept my feet planted on the ground. I also think my insurance agent would have a few things to say about the matter.
That all said, skydiving gives one a unique view of the world, assuming you can see through your fogged goggles. You see, it’s the temperature change, it’s pretty drastic. What you might not realize is how cold it is up in the clouds, much colder than on land. So while you are traveling at roughly 120 miles per hour, keep in mind that your goggles are very likely going to fog up.
One suggestion…ok two. First, make sure the person you’re jumping with has done it before, and second, apply Sven Can See before you suit up. You might be able to fly, but the reason you are doing this is to see the world.