Powder Day-Must Have

We’re in the middle of the best season of the year: ski and snowboard season. If you haven’t already it’s time to break out your skis or snowboard and give them some TLC after a long summer squirreled away somewhere in storage and start planning your first day at the slopes. A little love for the edges, plenty of wax, tighten up the bindings, maybe go the shop for a tune up. It’s all about getting the most out of your time in the snow.
Getting your gear right and keeping it in top condition is an essential. When everything is just right you can focus on enjoying yourself. When it comes to your eyewear for a lot of us there’s that ever present problem of fog. That cold mountain air and your breath, sweat, and body heat meet and suddenly everything’s a blur. Bummer.
So what to do? You’re probably not a fan of flying down the trails half-blind. Skiing or snowboarding without goggles is no fun. Trading the fog for glare and wind is a losing bet. You need an answer to the fog, plain and simple. It’s just too dangerous to leave alone.
Sven Can See anti-fog/frost gel is the solution you need. One application lasts a minimum of 8 hours, so you don’t have to reapply. Sven Can See is also designed to be effective in all temperatures, including the extreme cold range of temperatures between -20F and 20F where other products struggle. Be prepared and bring Sven Can See to the mountain.