In Plain Sight

Paintball is an experience that’s hard to match. From the first game I played out in the woods with my friends almost ten years ago I was hooked. Once the snow melts I love to grab my Phantom and get together with those same guys and spend all day at the field. A day of paintball is always full of surprises. But one thing is a constant: a foggy mask.
I learned quickly that no matter who you’re up against you’re always fighting a foggy mask. It may not be the first game, or the second, but by the end of the day without fail you’re missing half the action because of fog. Whether you’re out on the speedball field or running through the woods, the fog always comes back.
I’ve tried those expensive anti-fog masks, and not one has delivered on the no-fog promise. I even tried a mask with a built in fan once, I’ll admit. Not only did it not work, I got lit up trying to sneak around the other team because I was making a goofy whirrrrr noise the whole time.
Sven Can See is the solution to a foggy mask. Save that money you’d spend on an expensive set of thermal or anti-fog lenses for that new marker or tank you’ve had your eye on. If you want to get out and run through a few cases of paint worry free just apply Sven Can See to your lens and forget about the fog.