Backpacker Gear Guide - Sven Can See® is Essential!

Sven Can See is extremely pleased to announce that our Anti-Fog Spray Wipe 'n Go Gel has been selected as an Essentials item by Backpacker® Magazine for the 2017 Fall Gear Guide.

As an avid hiker myself, the Backpacker® Gear Guide has always been a cover-to-cover read for everything from Apparel, to Footwear, to Tents and Essentials. Having Sven Can See be selected to appear in the Gear Guide and receive such a rave review is quite the honor.

Read the full review below and check us out in the Backpacker® Gear Guide, either online (subscription required) or in stores, and as a celebration of our Essentials status, use coupon code BPGG at checkout and save 20% on your order.

Backpacker® Gear Guide Review:

Anti-fogging potion

Sven Can See Anti-Fog Gel

OUR TAKE Consider this Binaca-size spray the next best thing to battery-powered goggles–and it’s only $11. Spray on the inside and outside of your lens (at room temperature), wipe it off with a dry cloth, and boom, you’re fog-free for a day. (One tube delivers some 50 uses, the company says.) The mixture is proprietary, but Sven Can See says it’s a non-alcoholic, bio-degradable gel. Whatever the composition, it kept our testers’ goggles clear down to single digits. When the temp dropped to 4°F on a blustery tour outside Breckenridge, one tester got fog around the edges of his glasses while skinning, but it dissipated as he stopped climbing.

TRAIL CRED “I kept Sven Can See in my shell’s chest pocket all season,” on tester says. “I reapplied it every other tour and stayed fog-free, even on resort days.”

Buy a bottle of Sven Can See Anti-Fog and see for yourself how essential it is for all outdoor activity this fall and every season!